“I joined Inspired a little over 7 months ago with the goal of improving my strength and condition for Jiu Jitsu. At first I could barely do things I thought would be simple such as squats, deadlifts, and pull ups. However with the help from Mitch and Troy and focusing on the HOW and not the HOW much. I’ve noticed a huge improvement on the mats in not only my strength but ability to go from round to round with gassing out. This isn’t just a great place to train it is the only place to train in my opinion.”

-Justin Lessard

“Through my years of competitive hockey and off ice fitness, I have had the opportunity to work with different trainers. None stand out more than Troy Beauregard. He genuinely cares for his clients. Troy is organized, always learning, and he has thorough knowledge of proper training and nutrition and their effects on the body.

This is my third off season training under Troy. He recognizes my limitations and he knows what motivates me. I have seen a radical change in not only my overall fitness but my on ice performance as well. Training with Troy gives me extra confidence going into the next season.”

– Kari Belec

“6 months ago, I decided to join Inspired gym and embrace the idea of inviting a personal trainer into my life. I knew that without being accountable to someone else, I was not going to be able to accomplish the goals that I had for the healthier and stronger version of me. I’d never had a personal trainer and was unsure what to expect but truly believe I made one of the best and most life altering decisions in doing so.

Inspired is very lucky to have a trainer like Troy who wants you to succeed in meeting your goals as much as you do. He’s not only your coach, pushing you to do your best but also your teammate who reaches out after a hard game to say, “Good job, you should be proud.”

Troy embodies what it means to be a trainer. He is able to see your abilities, even when you can’t, and push you farther than you believe you are able to push. He is dedicated to helping you meet your goals but refuses to sacrifice form and mobility to do so. He encourages you and makes sure that you do not feel alone in your journey to becoming the best version of you. His approach is very human, as he understands what it means to struggle and makes sure you hear him over all the noise of doubt in your head. When you tell yourself you can’t, he is there to tell you, you can. He has many years of experience in training professional athletes, but never makes you feel lesser. He meets you where you are, where ever that might be and doesn’t judge or make you feel bad for not being where you want to be. He reminds you that fitness is not a sprint to the finish line as much as it’s keeping a steady pace, ensuring you are successfully moving through every stride. He is willing to break things down, and meet you where you are, not where you think you should be.

You are a welcomed addition to the team, Troy, and we are all thankful for your approach and dedication to us.”

– Sarah Bolland

“To make a long story short I stop taking care of myself. I was eating unhealthy, deep fried, fatty foods and drinking a few pints of beer four plus times a week and living a sedentary lifestyle. That lifestyle caught up to me and after a health scare, a quick trip to the Emergency department and a few doctors visits I was more or less told I was a Ticking Time Bomb. As well for the first time in my life I was reliant on prescribed medication.

I tried several diets and workout routines never stick to any of them. To add to my already unhealthy lifestyle, I have several old sports injuries which limits what I can do. Mitch and Troy have created a custom program for me that works around my injuries and is geared towards my needs and goals. There will never be boot camp type class run here. All workouts are carefully monitored and bad form is corrected immediately. As you progress, so does your workout.

I’m not going to lie to you these workouts will push you to your limits. If you are looking for easy, quick fix this is not the place for you. There is nothing sexy about it. Just showing up consistently, working hard and eating reasonably (they don’t push the fad diet de jour on you).

Besides Mitch and Troy’s expertise and attention to detail, the members at Inspired are very friendly and supportive of each other. Their clientele varies from the professional athlete to the person with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. The members of Inspired have become a second family to me.

As for my progress, I am not out of the woods yet, but my last Doctor’s visit the Doctor was happy with my results and I should be off all of my meds in the near future.

This place will change your life!”

– Sandy F.

I have been working with Mitch for 3 years now.  When we started in his basement, I was injured, weak, and out of shape, incapable of completing his workout.  As we progressed he continued to insist that I, of all people, was an “athlete” and he has always treated me as such, despite my protests! lol.  He has provided diet tips and advice, we have worked around injuries, and he has become a close friend who I trust to push me beyond my limits.  As he has grown and evolved into Inspired, there is a continued focus on complete strength and conditioning.  His dedication to his clients, and belief in building strength in a safe, controlled manner is second to none.  The recent addition of Troy to the facility has provided an even more diverse variety of workouts.  Troy’s experience and additional expertise, continues to improve clients’ health and well being, and help them reach their physical fitness goals.  Working out at Inspired is a safe supportive environment.  The gym is often filled with laughter, a little competition, and a lot of hard work.  Working out with these guys has instilled such a level of confidence, and a feeling of strength and well being, that I look forward to coming in to Inspired each day, and pushing my body.  I love seeing what more I can do that I couldn’t mere months ago, and couldn’t have imagined was possible at 48 years old.  I am forever grateful.

– Tracy

“I started working out with Troy three summers ago. When I started working out with him I was in the AHL playing for the Grand Rapids Griffins. I played in Grand Rapids for two and a half years. With the help of Troy, I was able to increase my speed and agility, which helped me reach my final goal… I was called up to the Detroit Red Wings in December 2017 and by January 1st 2018, was told to find a place. Overall, I have become a more elite hockey player and it has been a pleasure working with Troy. He knows everything about my body. He knows some days when we can push it, or others when we have to lay back and work on mobility and recovery. He’s been a huge impact on my summer training, which has lead me to my dream goal. I can’t thank Troy enough for all the hard work and early mornings he has put in. I look forward to working with him more in the future.”

– Tyler Bertuzzi

“I had the privilege of meeting and training with Troy at a young age and immediately jumped back into training with him when the opportunity presented itself when he moved back to sudbury, ON. I have now spent the past two years back training with Troy. Troy’s professional knowledge and experience training elite athletes ahs allowed him to fully understand the dunamics of not only my sport of hockey but many others as well. He’s put together a customized periodization-training program that has allowed me to tremendously improve my strength, power, agility and endurance, which has also transerred to the ice and helped me take my game to another level. His no-nonense attitude and continuous encouragement has continuously motivated me to strive to become a better hockey player an has aided me both physically and mentally.

Injuries are an unfortunate part of high-level sport, however, with the injuries I have experienced from playing since training with Troy I have found the recover time to be drastically reduced. He has been great in making program modifications to work around the injuries I have suffered giving them time to properly heal while still being able to work on other aspects of my body. The overall preparation of my body due to Troy’s programming has helped keep me much healthier and on the ice.

Troy takes a genuine interest in all of his athletes and is committed to their success, both from a training and performance perspective. Troy is a great trainer, coach and most importantly he has become a dear friend. I could not continue to play at this level without his continued knowledge, encouragement and support.

I believe Troy’s extensive experience and knowledge allows him to tailor specific training programs for every athlete’s maximum success. I appreciate everything Troy has done for me and I will continue to trust in his knowledge and experience as my hockey career continues. Thank you Troy for all your support and I look forward to many more training sessions with you!”

– Tyler Shaw

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